We are a group of investment professionals that invest and instill in the individual and or entity the fundamentals resources needed to ascertain long-term sustainability, measurable success and intrinsic value.

Our investment process and methodology stems from a vertically integrated backbone of data mining, empirical modeling and economic engineering coupled with quality, integrity and the conviction that technical expertise, specialization and attention to detail are paramount.

Investment Group

Our collective of seasoned professionals ranging from accountants, analysts,  mathematicians and engineers collaborate within a seamless think tank of due diligence, data massaging, smart testing and economic feasibility reporting.

GoFundYou does not use the typical financial jargons of the day to philosophize on how we will secure your best interest and financial future.  Instead, our investment process rigorously simulates and applicates a series of proprietary algorithms that converge our client’s objectives while paving the road to their success.

Our core investment objectives are to organically stimulate and assist start-up, small and medium enterprises in impacting their business objectives via growth capital, equity and sustainability.

Our macro investments objectives are to assist in the collaboration, designing and developing of organic and sustainable transcontinental bridges that aim to address and effectively solve global problems through information sharing, planning, smart investment and application.  In doing so GoFundYou aims to create change, infrastructure and wealth across social, cultural and economic pillars.


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Investment Curator

Jonathan Lord Barnave: Founder & CEO 

Paradigm Shifter, Investor, Strategist, IP Commercialization, Growth Capital

Jonathan a strategic advisor and implementer with 15 years of multi-faucet business methodology and dexterity. An innate drive that compels me to help individuals and or communities to scale, ascertain value and success.

His background in research, predictive analytics, prescriptive solutions, digital media, brand equity and engagement sets forth the effective ability to disseminate and pave the vital steps to problem solving, identifying key indicators and leveraging market opportunities.

These qualities are further utilized by assessing, modeling and forging the ideal road map for funding vehicles that organically align with the economic stage of an enterprise and or project while directly impacting business objectives, market share and stakeholder criterion.

He is the leading resource and facilitator with a proven track record in strategic development, raising capital, branding, start-up growth, social media, content, mobile, technology staffing, planning and organizational management.

Investment Qualifier

 Juan Carlos Rodriguez: COO, Analyst, Qualifier

Esemplastic, Business Diviner, Investor & Strategist Helping Tech Companies Scale & Maximize IP

An Engineer and Analyst, with 18 years of experience in production, system input-out analysis, process management and business development within public and private sectors for military defense, communication, human capital, renewable energies, biotechnology and agricultural systems. Juan Carlos serves as a member and or advisor to SQA (Society of Quantitative Analysis) CGTEEA (Chinese Game Theory & Experimental Economics Associations), IQSA (The International Quantum Structures Association) GTS (Game Theory Society), Fibonacci Association, SAEA (Sustainable Agricultural Eduction Association), NSAC (National Sustainable Agricultural Coalition), FOG (Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers), National Cooperative Business Associations, Hispanic Professional Association, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education), AEE (The Association of Enginery Engineers), APS (American Physical Society) and AQPIDA (The Association for Quantum Probability and Infinite Dimensional Analysis). 

Juan Carlos’s expertise and focus lies in the analysis, design and executive implementation of a business system by means of stake holder analysis and probabilistic amplitude to identify and reach the economic point of equilibrium and maximum output within a business process. Juan Carlos holds a degrees in electrical engineering and physics (quantum mechanics).