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We are a strategic repository of Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist, Private Equity and Business Loans providers interested in steering the future. Our proprietary Assessment and Funding Algorithm is the backbone of our approach and methodology. This rich data and predictive analysis concludes: “Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SME (ESS) are the engines of economic growth”.

These drivers are defined by the social and culture qualities they contribute to the marketplace. As a results these contributions are comprised by solving problems, innovation and job creation.

The existence of intellectual and human capital assets coupled with traditional assets are the vital ingredients GOFUNDYOU seeks to identify and nurture thus aligning capital and sustainable growth for its ESS target group.

The Fundamentals:

In this pursuit we designed a multi-dimensional Assessment tool reinforced with a qualification algorithm to carefully assess these key components while baselining GOFUNDYOU’s pre / post inoculation and funding programs. Its focal points are derived from four dimensions;

I. Risk Mitigation – Planning, measuring and controlling forecasts

II. Operational Coherence – Maximizing output with minimum inputs

III. Longitudinal Sustainability – Maintaining point of equilibrium under present and future conditions

IV. Intrinsic Value – Ensuring qualitative and quantitative attributes converge intrinsically to exceed extrinsic market values

Vital Ingredients:

Whether Venture Capital, Angel Investment or Business Loans GOFUNDYOU’s investment criterion seeks to identify within your business model the following key questions and ingredients in order to attract money and above all show capital efficiency;

1. What problem does your solution impact or solve?

2. How can we measure the performance of that solution?

3. What is the added value the solution proffers in dollars and cents?

4. What is the current stage of the solution’s ability to deliver maximum and target result?

5. What is the investment amount and specific allocation?

Where do you stand with your concept or business? Is your business attractive and or profitable? Have you identified the key ingredients needed for success? GO FUND YOU understands among those ingredients that business loans are vital to long term success and sustainable profits.

It is critical to know and identify which business loans are effective to your business model and goals. There are significant differences between start-up capital, growth capital and working capital. They all correspond to the stage and performance of your business thus inversely proportional to the type of business loans your business can qualify for.

At GOFUNDYOU we assess, analyze and customize business loans around the stage of your business and its short and long term goals to ensure organic growth, sustainability and measurable success.