GO FUND YOU (GFY) is a funding curator focused in assisting start-up and small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) in securing project financing, sustainable growth and intrinsic value. Our proven business and financial acumen is comprised of 21 years of financial analysis built on stringent mathematical and predictive modeling.

This organic process is implemented via a comprehensive financial assessment that identifies and models what are the ideal investment vehicles that align with the economic stage and conditions of an enterprise while directly impacting its business objectives, market share and bottom line.

GFY exemplifies efficiency, precision and effectiveness through its process, methodology and results. We are forensic and meticulous in disseminating data in order to identify current conditions that will converge with future objectives and goals.

Our funding and financing services are a culmination of research, data mining, modeling and application all streamlined to focus on optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of a business system or project via an exemplary financial vehicle that ensures sustainability and profit.

GFY strategically aligns and mediates funding via VC / PE / FAM / OFFICE / PRIVATE / DEBT channels. Our acumen and dexterity of understanding investment criterion with emphasis in risk aversion, risk mitigation and the explicit caveats on how the investor wants their money to performance allows us to effectively assist our clients in raising capital.


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